Ultimate Reset: Days 0-3

Hi there! I’m in the process of completing a super clean 21 day “Reset” for my body and these next few posts are my experience. (If you’d like more info on why I’m doing this program, check out this post.)


The day before I started we went grocery shopping-this was my list! YOW! It took me about 30-45 minutes to go through the recipes and the meals for each day and write out a specific list. Seems like a long time, but I wanted to be exact in my amounts so that I didn’t end up wasting produce.


It was a pricey trip, let me tell you. We spent over $200 (now-that was not all for this program. Duane bought himself a bunch of meat and snacks and a $20 bag of rice as well in there, too). I would estimate a little less than half of that (so, roughly $100) was used for my stuff.  The first trip is always expensive when you start a new program because that’s when you pick up the staples that you may not already have.


We did have to go to two stores to get everything. We went to our regular store (Fry’s) for as much as we could, and then Whole Foods for things like Nori, Dried Wakama (Seaweed), tempeh strips, etc.

Day 1

Breakfast:  good but I was hungry after. I allowed myself 1 cup of half-caff coffee before I wean myself off completely. There is no coffee allowed on the Reset if you want optimum results-the reason being that coffee is acidic, and the Reset is trying to align your body to be more alkaline. If you’re thinking “NOPE! This is not for me!” because of the no coffee rule, then you and I are just alike. 😀  Also, it was hard for me to choke down veggies (steamed spinach) so early in the morning.

Lunch: This is A LOT of food!!  It took me almost 45 minutes to eat all of this because it was so bulky.


Snack (optional): I didn’t have a snack today. The Alkaline supplement (it’s green and you mix the powder with 2-4 oz water) tastes AWFUL. Just keepin’ it real. :-p

Dinner: The salmon was pretty good although I think I marinated it for too long (Several hours). I had a headache around 10pm which was due to caffeine withdrawal. Took a hot shower and had some tea, and went to bed. Slept pretty well even considering the headache.

Day 2:

The breakfast was AMAZING! So delish. I added 4 drops of stevia to the oats.


Lunch and dinner were both GREAT!

I had a half serving of Shakeology for an afternoon snack because I was hungry (this is allowed if you use the vegan ShakeO, which I do). I also went for a 20 minute walk, and had 1 cup of half-caff in the morning with my oatmeal.

Day 3

Decreased my coffee to half cup of half-caff (tomorrow I’m going NO COFFEE!)

Lunch is a lentil lime salad and, I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan. I also made my own sushi for the first time for dinner and that was…interesting.



It wasn’t bad, but the rice I used was leftover so it was dry. If I had used sticky rice straight from the rice cooker, I feel it would have been better. I can probably say that Day 3 is my least favorite day, food-wise, so far.

OVERALL: As of Day 3, I’m down 5 lbs from my starting weight (I started at 182-Duane and I both gained A LOT of weight while we were in Hawaii for 2 weeks!) and I’m currently at 177. Once my caffeine headaches subside, I believe I’ll be sleeping much better. All in all, I feel great!


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