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Ultimate Reset: Days 4-6

Hi, friends! If you’re just starting to follow along, you can read about my decision why I’m doing this Reset here, and Days 0-3 here.

Day 4

This was probably my most difficult thus far. I didn’t sleep well the night before (less than 6 hours, which is NOT enough for me), I somehow gained a pound  (how is that even possible?) and it was my first day with absolutely no coffee.

I really love coffee.

Breakfast was good-lots of fruit, which I love!


Lunch was more sushi, and it was soggy because I made it the night before. And lentil lime salad, which I couldn’t finish because, like I said in my last post-I am NOT a fan.

Then I made Annie’s mac ‘n cheese for Dominic for dinner, and it took EVERY. SINGLE. OUNCE. of my willpower to not “just take one bite”…because I knew that one bite would turn into 6 bites and then somehow half of it would be gone. Then, I really wanted a glass of wine to “relax”…or maybe because it was Saturday…or maybe because I love wine, too.  Instead I did some stretches and tried to calm myself down. Luckily, dinner itself (stir-fry) tasted pretty good and filled me up.


Day 5

You know that saying, the night is darkest before the dawn? Or something like that? Well, turns out it’s true because Day 5 was my FAVORITE! Breakfast was delicious (farina w/ apples, nuts, and pure maple syrup). If you’re wondering what farina is, it’s cream of wheat. I had to Google it, because the guy stocking the organic section at Fry’s told me “I’ve never heard of that in my life and we definitely don’t have it here.” Thanks, bud.


Lunch was even more delicious (hummus has never tasted so good)…and that’s quinoa salad that you see in the corner. That shit was DELICIOUS. So much so, that you’ll be getting the recipe in an upcoming post!


Day 6

Weight is still at 178.

Had smoked tempeh for breakfast and it tasted yummy. Kind of salty (which, if I’m saying it’s salty, then it definitely is because I love salt), but went well with the steamed spinach.

For lunch, I subbed out the microgreen salad for a vegan chocolate Shakeology mixed with berries and water. I needed something fast, and didn’t have time to cut up all those veggies.

Dinner was sooo good! Zucchini Cashew soup and Roasted Root Vegetable Medley.

This was my first time using cashews in this capacity-basically, you soak them in water for an hour, then blend them (I used my Nutribullet) with the water and the boiled zucchini, and you get soup!

And the roasted root veggies-oh my. I don’t even like beets, but they tasted amazing in this! And the onions were crispy and caramelized…oh yum. This is another one I’m adding to my repertoire.


Overall, I’ve definitely slept better these last few days now that I’m not experiencing symptoms of caffeine withdrawals. I’m excited to see what the rest of this challenge brings! Thanks for sticking with me :-*


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Why I Became a Beachbody Coach

It started for the discount (doesn’t it always?).  25% off of Shakeology and all other products? Yes, please.  I said I wouldn’t tell anyone unless I was asked (ha!).  Then, I started using the 21 Day Fix…and I simply could not believe that no one had thought of this earlier.  It was everything I needed as a busy new mom.  And the portion controlled containers? GENIUS.  As I started to get results, I began to see the value just in that program alone.  The 21DF is not the first Beachbody program I’ve tried-but it is the first one where I’ve committed myself to

1. Drink Shakeology daily and

2. Join a challenge group on FB to hold myself accountable…

So it’s no surprise that this is the first Beachbody program to give me BIG RESULTS (down 22 pounds and counting!).  And as if that wasn’t enough, I started to see the people on my team slowly earning enough money to leave their jobs.  And I thought…WOW. What an opportunity to do something I love, and be able to spend more time with my sweet little baby.   

Did I have objections before I signed up? ABSOLUTELY! My two big ones were:

1. It’s too expensive.  Yes, Shakeology is pricey…I completely understand.  What I’ve found is that it’s about priorities.  I would spend $3-4 a day just at Starbucks, or I would go to Target and somehow spend $75 when I only had one thing on my list.  I 100% believe that Shakeology helps with my cravings and is feeding my body superfoods every single day.  I feel SO good about myself now, that I can’t even put a price on that!


2. Is this a pyramid scheme? Yes, I asked this.  No, it is not (those are illegal).  Beachbody uses a network marketing business model.  For more info on that, you can use Google or check out the book Go Pro (great read!).

Other than the great programs and results that Beachbody continues to provide, there is more that I love about the company!

-They do not alter or Photoshop their before/after photos in any way.  I could go on and on about this, but basically-what you see is what you get. REAL RESULTS.

-As a coach, you don’t have to hold any inventory.  And you can CHOOSE who you want to work with.  It is essentially your business to do as much or as little as you would like. 

-The company focus is on ending the obesity epidemic.  You cannot live in America and deny that we have a problem! People need help in this department.  I needed help in this department!

-Beachbody promotes personal development, first and foremost. I love this, because I was actually looking for books to improve my professional skills before I even began my coaching journey.  Some of my favorites so far have been The Compound Effect, Go Pro, and Go For No.

-No one will ever tell you this is a “get rich quick” business (if they do, RUN).  The only thing I have heard from the leaders on my team are that it takes time, consistency, and passion.  Helping the most amount of people is the goal!

I could keep going, but instead I will just say this.  I used to sell make-up for a company that I won’t name, and as much as I tried, I could never muster enough enthusiasm to be truly passionate about it. I would do makeup parties and I felt awkward, nervous and sweaty.  But you know what I realized years later? I hardly wear any makeup on a daily basis!!!! That company didn’t align with my personal values.  But fitness and nutrition is something I have been interested in for the last 10 years, if not more.  I am certainly not a salesperson, and I feel uncomfortable when people say that I am “selling” Beachbody products…because I don’t think of it that way.  I am offering people a solution to their problem…and there are many solutions out there.  This is just the one that I have used and that I believe works best.  There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone achieve a goal that they so desperately want.  The best way that I can sum all of this up:

 Beachbody has given me a vehicle that I didn’t know I needed, for a passion that I’ve always had.

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