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Piyo: My 4 Week Review

Hi friends! I am 4 weeks into my Piyo journey and I wanted to share how it’s going so that hopefully my experience can help you decide if this is right for you.  Please keep in mind that my fitness level at this point is probably intermediate (I’ve been working out consistently 5-7 days a week for the past 120 days) so what’s hard for me may not be for you, and so on.

If you’re not familiar with it, you’re probably thinking “What the heck is Piyo?”


My thoughts so far:

Week 1: I honestly thought this was really easy. The Define: Upper workout is only 18 minutes and I didn’t feel like I had completed a workout at the end. I did LOVE the Define: Lower workout. I felt great afterwards, especially my hip flexors-they felt better than they have in years!

Week 2: I get lower in all my stances to try and kick up the intensity a bit. There is a new workout this week that is a bit harder. I am sore the next day after the workouts and feeling VERY stretchy. I am also HUNGRY constantly, so I adjust my meal plan a bit and add an extra serving of protein daily (I still follow the 21 Day Fix meal plan).

Week 3: I love that each week there is a new workout to add into the mix! Plus the calendar mixes it up so there’s no boredom. The Core workout is GREAT, and that extra serving of protein is perfect.

Week 4: I start to realize that the “easy” workouts are no longer found on the calendar going forward. Instead I have workouts called Drench and another called Sweat! I now see that they were building a foundation for the harder workouts, which I really liked. I also think that is GREAT for a beginner!


I am down 4 pounds and 3.5 inches-and that is, honestly, a little disappointing to me over a full 4 weeks. I can tell that the lack of cardio has caused my results to slow a bit. Piyo gets my heart rate up, but it is not the same as high intensity “my lungs are on fire” cardio.  However-my eating has also not been as clean as it was the first few months.. And I am seeing that in these results, without a doubt.


In a nutshell…

PROS: It’s quick, it’s very low-impact (great for those with knee issues or injuries!!!), I have increased flexibility, I am seeing toning and my muscles are leaning out, I feel sore in muscles I didn’t know I had, and Chalene is a great motivator! I feel much more “bendy” if that’s a word.

CONS: There aren’t many, but to be honest I am missing that lung-burning stress-relieving cardio fix that I NEED in my life. I actually don’t exercise just so I can look good-I do it to feel sane. I do it to prevent myself from getting so stressed out that I clench my jaw at night while I’m asleep (this has been happening the last 2 weeks or so!). I workout to feel HAPPY instead of depressed.

Now-would it help my business to sit here and write that Piyo is the next greatest thing and it will solve all your problems and that you should buy it? Maybe. At least in the short-term. But that’s not me-this is my honest opinion, and I want to share my journey with you, both good AND bad! I think Piyo would make a great COMPLEMENT to any workout plan-and I think incorporating it even 2-3 times a week would be phenomenal, especially for those involved in Martial Arts! Want to kick higher? Yeah, check this out. But don’t throw out your HIIT training just yet! 

What’s Next?

I will definitely finish out the next 4 weeks of Piyo! I will clean up my eats (already have, actually), and I will add in 2-3 days of HIIT cardio during the week, in addition to Piyo. That still keeps my workouts at less than an hour each day which is completely acceptable in my opinion.

I am taking a Piyo LIVE class in a week or so, and will discuss that in my 8-week (and final) update! And, of course, if you’re interested in trying Piyo at home, please contact me here and we can chat! You can also find me on Facebook!  

Have you ever taken a Piyo class? What did you think?

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